Team Building Activities For Adults

Using team building activities for adults is a great way to break the ice with your teammates, co-workers, and other groups. Through team building activities for adults you can get to know your colleagues, and they can show off people's particular qualities. Listed below are some great teamwork activities for you to use.

Balloon Tower

Exercise Time: 20-30 minutes and give time updates every 5 minutes.

Supplies: 200 balloons for each exercise time and a roll of masking tape

Instructions: Each team takes their balloons and masking tape, and they use them to build the tallest balloon mountain that they can within the allotted time. The balloon mountain needs to be self standing, and they cannot tape the structure to anything else, including the floor. After time is up, you then ask each team to explain how they worked as a team to build their structure. Ask them questions such as: What did your team do well? What did you team do poorly? What could your team do better?

If you want to, you could offer a small prize to the winning team as an extra incentive. This is one of many great team bonding games that helps build teamwork.

Drawing Sheet

Supplies: Pens or colored pencils and paper.

Instructions: Divide everyone into three separate group, and hand a sheet of paper to each group. Start the exercise by telling one team member to draw a line. Then, pass the sheet to the next person, and that person adds another line. Continue this process until each team member has had a chance to draw. Each team member should have around 5 seconds to draw, and this entire exercise will only take around a minute. Whoever ran the exercise can learn a lot about the teams, depending on how they performed in this exercise. Did any team actually draw something recognizable? Did the time constraints put pressure on any individuals? Did everyone understand the idea of the exercise?

Lost At Sea

Instructions: Tell teams to pretend that their ship has sunk, and they are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. The only items that are left from the ship are a few random supplies like a roll of duct tape, a transistor radio, shoelaces, a shaving mirror, a tarp, and so forth. Each team must rank the items in their particular order of usefulness from most to least, and explain why they have come to those decisions. All the lists are then presented to all the groups together, and everyone discusses how they worked together as a group and how they resolved disputes during the activity.

There are additionally many other team building activities for adults that you could use. The main thing isn't how many teamwork activities you do, it's the quality of the activities and that you actually do them. Using team building activities for work or for other adults will really bring you all together so that you can perform better together.